Thursday, 30 October 2014

Inoke Harry Potter story

One day there was a big high for over 10 years Harry Potter, Charmed, etc.So many young adult series and tv shows and movies about Witches. So many people even in regular tv shows and such having the "good witch" new-age type image. So much hype in the newspaper and books either defending Witchcraft and religions like Wicca, or on the other sides those trying to get such books banned and websites about evil Satanic plots to lure people to the occult.

Once something went that trendy and the trend recedes, you have to be amazingly unique to get a publisher to look at it, especially when you are coming in the shadow of  some very successful authors.  

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Sun mart by inoke

Hi my name is Inoke and i will tell you about sun smart.

The first step is to wear your hat and then you put sunscreen on your face. You have to wear your hat to protect your skin.Sunscreen makes your body safe and protect your face.
Wrap means you put clothes on to keep yourself warm and it look after your body in side.
If you don’t wear your clothes you will get sun print.
And your skin will come of.
And if you don't be sunsmart something might happen.