Friday, 5 June 2015

Poetry Recital

Poetry Recital                                                                                                                                   This morning Glenbrae school gathered at the Glenbrae school hall. It was our  first ever poetry recital. Each classes had a poetry.The student that said the poetry was Marra, Angelica, Moses. And the student that introduces  them was Dora,Linda Kiki and Alfred. The student that thanked them was Sam, Mata, Fraser. Before Room9 was room 10. the people that was saying the poem was Erana ,Bono, Tauola. and the people the greet  them was Brandon, Kyana ,Voni Dalles, and the student that introduces them was.Voni, Mele and Aarmonie.  

Finally the poetry recital was finished it was exciting when we got there i enjoyed watching Glenbrae school student present their poetry some was funny and some was sad.

By Inoke