Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Week 1 Term 4 Writing Activity - Just In Time

                             Just In Time For A NRL Game
It was a nice sunny day, and we were excited to go to the NRL game held in Mt   Smart Stadium. We went to the NRL game because its was my Brother in law’s       Rugby league game. He was playing for the Warriors and his position was    center and his name was Solomone Kata. We went to the stadium by my sister’s car.  

Its was the Vodafone Warriors vs Sydney Roosters, and the game started at 1.00, but we waited to leave at like around 9.15 so we can buy some food to eat at the NRL game.

After, we went to buy some food, we went to get changed for the game, After we got changed we drove to the game. When we got there was a massive queue on the road, then my sister looked at the time and it was 11.00. Then we waited at the queue for 1 and a half hours. Then my sister looked at the time again and it was 12.30 then my sister said we have 20 more minute left to go to the game. Then my sister said if we go to the gate when the game already started the gate will close.

Then, 10 minutes later, the road was on the track, so when the road was on track we hurried to the stadium, and when we got to the stadium we hopped out of the car with our food and ran to check the ticket then we got inside the stadium, when we walked inside the park it was massive and loud. Then my sister looked at the time again and she said we just got in time for the game.

When the Game game finished the points was Warriors 40 and Roosters 25. When the game finished I was happy because Warriors won and Solomone Kata got a try and we just made it to the game.
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