Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Hi my name is Inoke and i am writing a story about rugby.
My wish is if i can play with the All Blacks on T.V. if you play rugby you might  get hurt.

on rugby you are not allow to be offside and not allow to high tackle          

Inoke museum

On monday morning half of Glenbrae School went to the Auckland museum on a school bus.

Then when we arrived we  got out of the bus, and went  to our groups in 4. then we went inside the museum so the warkis in the   the museum tale as the rules in the museum.

When we finish saying the rules, we went with this man and his name was Josh. he told us that there are 55 volcanos  in the world then he should us rocks from the volcano then he told us all about volcano.

Next when we  finish learning about volcano we went and look at the staff around the museum. we went with Miss Tofa to the volcano room you go inside a house and you wait for a minute the house move a little bit then a T.V. comes on then the house move even stronger.

Then we went outside to go on the bus to came back to school it was exciting to i wish i went there again.  


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Inoke Me

Hi my name is Inoke Taufa and I am a student at Glenbrae School, in room seven. My teacher is Mrs Tofa. Shes cool as !
I am a full tongan and would happily want to introduce myself to you.
I am the second two youngest in my family. After me comes my little 11 ½ old sister.
I live happily with my family in Glen Innes. I love music and sports. I love going to church every sundays, to pray for our father Jesus Christ and to pray for all the sins I make everyday. My wish is to have an xbox one for christmas. I do a lot of learning in school, for a better life, and for my parents. My favorite thing in school is art/drawing i am really looking for to get lot  caught being good.

thanks for reading and have a safe and happy week end.