Friday, 21 August 2015

Week 5 Term 3 Reading Activities for Reporters

Weeks 5 Term 3 School Journal April 2013, Level 3, Nga Mahi a Te Rehia - Maori Games by Ross Calman
Walt - We are learning to use our prior knowledge to make predictions and clarifying our predictions by refering to the text.

Response activity
Vocabulary (find the meaning of these words)
Literal - Answer these questions in full sentences.
  1. Who taught the children in the early Maori Society?     They learnt how to play games from their parent and aunties.
  2. What did the games teach the players?
         These games taught tribal traditions the importance of               rituals and respect for nature
  1. What was the importance of flying kites during Matariki?
           During Matariki kits were flown in memory of people that
Inferential - Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  1. A morere was used as a swing to swing over the water.
           Agree because there were no bridge and they could swing out over the water and then let.  
  1. The haka moves performed by the Karetao was done to scare the enemy away.
           Agree because when they have war they performed the haka to scar them  
  1. It was difficult to make a Whai.
           Disagree because it will make your hand will  be sore.
  1. How many types of Manu tukutuku were there?
           3 there were Pakaukau,manu aute,manu taratahi.
Applied - Do you agree or disagree? Why
  1. Titi torea was a game that helped the warriors catch the enemy spears in battle. Agree because it a way of training young warriors to catch enemies spears in battle
  2. The Manu tukutuku were difficult to make and fly. Why? Agree because they needed a lot of people to fly the kites
  3. The Manu tukutuku were very useful for the warriors. Why?Agree because they used the kites in war.
Create a Whai using a loop of string.

Take a screenshot of your Whai  and share it on your blog.Aug 21, 2015 10:55:28 AM.jpg

All the text in green are the key words

Friday, 14 August 2015

Junior worriors

On Thursday room 9 went up the field to play rugby. There were 5 team’s there was Bulldogs,Junior Warriors,Warriors,Rabbitohs,Broncos,.

First game was Broncos vs Bulldogs and its was a tie it was a close game.Then it was Rabbitohs vs Warriors. and the Rabbitohs had 1 and the Warriors had 2 and the winners was  Warriors.

The next game was the Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs and i was in Bulldogs team. I had a runaway and someone tackled me. We won and the Bulldog’s point was 2 and Rabbitohs points was 1.

Eventually the teams that was in the finals was Junior Warriors vs Bulldogs. Bulldogs lost by 1 point and  the team that won was Junior Warriors.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Science at Tamaki

On Tuesday 4 August 2015 some students from Glenbrae School
gathered at the hall and went to Tamaki College.

We went there to learn what is science and how to do science.

On Science we need to remember safety first. You need safety glasses and gloves so we don’t get hurt. To be good at science, you need to know your maths,reading,writing.  If you don’t, you will not know what to do (like how to make robots or mix chemicals).

When we arrived at Tamaki we saw Mr Malhotra. He introduced himself and showed us some robots.

First we had to look through microscope and we looked at little animals. Each group had a turn controlling the robot .

Next we made hot hokey pokey. Here are the                                         recipes:Golden syrup,Saucepan,Sugar,Baking soda.
That’s the things you need to use to make hokey pokey.

After that the science teacher gave us some hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide. It was called elephant toothpaste. First we put food coloring in, then handwash, then hydrogen peroxide. When you put the peroxide into the cane it will pop up like a volcano eruption.

When we finished that science project we had 15 minutes left and on that 15m Mr Malhotra showed us what their students made in science - a helicopter.

Lastly we had to leave the science lab.
Ending: When we got to Tamaki i was so excited and happy and i enjoyed that science session with Mr Malhotra when we saw little animal bodies and new thing’s.   
If you want to see the photos and the video click on the link below