Friday, 16 October 2015

Four Clever Friends and a Hunter

Once upon a time there was a Turtle and a Mouse. The turtle lived in the river and the mouse made himself his own home to live in. There was a crow who lived on a tree next to the river. The Turtle the Mouse and the crow was friends. They will always meet near the river to play. Then when they were playing they heard a straight noise that was coming from the bush. The three friends all run to their homes. When the 3 friends look’d out the door to see who was its they saw a deer that wanted to have a nice cold drink. Next the Turtle the mouse and the crow run out to the river and they told the deer that they were scared. The three friends became four friends. The next day the turtle the mouse and the crow gathered at the river but the deer was not there. The crow flow as high as he could to found the deer. When the crow flew he saw the deer court on a hunting net the crow went down to the deer and said ‘to the deer wait there i will get the the other two that are at the river’ The turtle the mouse was there. The mouse bit the net and the net broke apart once the net was broken apart the friends heard the hunter coming so they all run but the turtle was so slow that the hunter got him. The deer and the crow and the mouse meet at the river the deer had a plan. When the the hunter was walking the deer was lying onto the ground pretending that he was dead the crow was on top of the deer pretending to eat the deer. The hunter dropped the turtle and the mouse bit the net and the turtle and the mouse tied the rope around the hunter's leg and when the hunter took one step he feel. So the 4 friends all gathered at the river the friends was so excited the the four friends are back.