Friday, 1 August 2014

life on desert road

Response activity 1. Background information.

What do you already know about Desert Road?They have no house.

What is a desert?it has lot of bushes and big mountains and lot of trucks driving.

How many deserts do we have in New Zealand and where are they?One

Is a desert a fun place? Why? No because there is no parks and food  there to eat.
Response activity 2. Learn

Where is Desert Road in New Zealand? Download a map from the internet and draw a line to show where Desert Road is.Screenshot 2014-07-30 at 10.04.51.png

What destroyed the trees that used to grow in Desert Road?Volcanic eruption in the north island   

How was Lake Taupo created?
By a big volcanic eruption, it made a big lake and that and that how Lake Taupo was made.  

What life exists at Desert Road? List them down
Hare, wild brumby horses, Flocks of  gulls

What sometimes stray over Desert Road?no

What vehicles would you see on Desert Road? Trucks,Vans,cars.
Response activity 3. Critical thinking

What do the Tutauha family do at Desert Road? but lines on  the side of the road so the  people can be self  when they are driving.  Why is it important for them to do this?To keep desert road self.   
If you were to break down at Desert Road, what can you do to get help? call home line or go an a radio.


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