Friday, 13 November 2015

Trip to Stardom

On Thursday week 6 term 4 the senior school student from Glenbrae visited Stardom because we are learning about the Solar System. Next, we got our self ready and my teacher gave out the lanyards. Then when the bell rang the senior school gathered at the school hall. First we had dance fever. After dance fever we went into 2 lines. Then we walk to the bus. Then when we arrived at Stardom we had morning tea. After morning tea we had a director named Tim he took us to the place where we learnt new things about space. First he took us to the space room to learn about space and about earth. After we went to the space room we went to read fact and see the clothes that they wear to the moon. Later on we had to go to the movie room. He should us a movie that was about space and he should us what does space look like. Finally the movie was finished and we got our bags from the cage and we all left and went back to school. I was excited when i went to Stardom because i like to learn about planet. I learnt a lot of thing at stardom.


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