Thursday, 14 July 2016

No Girls Allowed:(Activity 3)

During the ancient Olympic Games, men were allowed to compete in the events but women were not. In fact, women were often forbidden from even watching the games. In your opinion, is this a fair rule? Why or why not? On your blog please tell us what you think about this interesting rule.
The reason why I think girls can play on the Olympics because so they contribute with new people the and challenge new people and have fun.
with new people
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Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Inoke!

I love to see that you have posted another blog for the Winter Learning Journey. In order to earn full points for this activity you just need to tell us what you think of the 'No Girls Allowed' rule. Is it fair?

I'll check back in a few days to see if you've had time to tell us what you think about the rule.

Cheers, Rachel :)

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